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        We will do more for you than just simply print your name in a pamphlet, or bury your ad on a busy page with eight to twelve other companies. Our book gives you a full page to capture the bride’s attention.

         You can not possibly be physically present at every bridal show.  But you can participate in our book and reach thousands of brides!  We don’t want you to be the company that brides don’t know about, and that is why we are going above and beyond to make sure your business is noticed.

         We are constantly searching for new ways to promote The Book for All Brides and all of the great companies that participate in our book benefit from our promotions.

         You won’t advertise with any other publication that will provide you with such friendly, effective, economical, personal and timely service.
Rest assured, we recognize what is most important ---the information inside --- the information about your business. We have created a guide that shows the bride everything she needs to know from the moment she gets engaged, right up to and including the planning of the honeymoon.

        Our brides tell us they treasure our books, they reference them constantly throughout their wedding planning process and keep them as a wedding memento…often sharing them with friends getting married years later.

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