Green Weddings

You can feel great about the fact that you have done something for the environment whether you are adding just a touch of "eco-friendliness" or having a completely green wedding.

Here are some simple ideas for making your wedding a green affair:

  • Make sure your wedding jewelry is fair trade and conflict free, or purchase vintage estate pieces.
  • Keep your guest list small. Less people means less expense and less waste.
  • Hosting your event at one location instead of multiple venues will cut down on gas and transportation pollution.
  • Decorate with potted plants that can be transplanted into your garden after the wedding.
  • Encourage your guests to carpool, or rent group transportation.
  • Recycle beverage bottles & cans.
  • Inform your guests that you throwing a green affair, and request that they not gift box or wrap mailed gifts.
  • Use recycled and/or biodegradable paper and soy based inks for your wedding stationary, programs, guest book, etc.
  • Use all natural beauty products.
  • Instead of sending your guests an invitation with multiple pages, direct them to your wedding website for additional information.
  • Find a florist who grows their own flowers.
  • Rent decorations, tablewares, and centerpieces instead of buying them.
  • Instead of wedding favors, make a donation to a charity in honor of your guests.
  • Find a caterer that uses locally grown, seasonal ingredients
  • Donate leftover food to your local shelter.
  • Sell or donate any unused wedding items after your wedding.
  • Give The Book for All Brides to a friend or family member after you are finished planning your 0wn green wedding.

Green Wedding Links

These links are for the brides looking to be more environmentally responsible.

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