From brides, wedding planners, and businesses about our guide.

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"It's like a friend in print!"

“This book has been my wedding bible. I refer to it daily
and carry it wherever I go. Much thanks!”

-Lisa Blaise, Bride

“...the book covered everything, even down to the weather!”
-Rachel Aho, Bride

“I love that everything I need is compiled into one book.”
-Cathy Stephens, Bride

“I already told my best friend that I will give it to her when I am finished with it!”
-J.Kruszewski, Bride

“This book is the leader in wedding publications. It is far more comprehensive than others—filled with great information...!”
-Riki Bowen, Wedding Wizard

“The businesses were very helpful. It is a great book!”
-Carrie Chicoine, Bride

“I received your book from the wedding show. I was so intrigued, I realized that I read the entire book before the night was over.”
-Terry Bourdeau, Bride